Best 6 schedule 40 pipe

A 6 schedule 40 pipe is a type of pipe that has a wall thickness that is 40 times the nominal pipe diameter (NPS). This means that a 6″ schedule 40 pipe would have a wall thickness of 2.40″.

6 inch schedule 40 pipe thickness of welded and seamless steel pipe is 7.11mm 6 inch schedule 40S pipe thickness of Stainless
steel pipe is  7.11mm

6 schedule 40 pipe


You can check 2 schedule 40 pipe wall thickness  and  schedule 10S stainless steel from this source

Nominal wall thickness for welded & seamless steel pipe as per ASME B16.10

Nominal Size





Extra strong



Sch 10

Sch 20

Sch 30

Sch 40

Sch 60

Sch 80

Sch 100

Sch 120

Sch 140

Sch 160










Nominal wall thickness for Stainless steel pipes as per ASME B36.19

Nominal Size


Outside Diameter.


Sch 5S

Sch 10S

Sch 40S

Sch 80S








Nominal Size: The term 6 inches represents the nominal size of the pipe. This refers to the approximate inside diameter of the pipe, even though the actual outside diameter might be slightly larger due to the thickness of the pipe walls.

Schedule 40: The Schedule 40 classification refers to a specific wall thickness for the pipe. In this case, it means that the pipe’s walls are thicker compared to lower schedules like Sch 10. The actual dimensions of the pipe, including its outer diameter inner diameter, and wall thickness, will depend on industry standards and specifications.

Schedule 40 pipe is typically used in applications where strength and durability are important, such as in the oil and gas industry and in water mains. It is also used in some applications where corrosion resistance is important, such as in the chemical processing industry.

Applications where 6 schedule 40 pipe is used

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Water mains
  • Chemical processing industry
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Stormwater drainage systems
  • Bridges and other structures
  • Heavy machinery

Advantages of using 6 schedule 40 pipe

Strength: 6 Schedule 40 pipe is a strong pipe that can withstand high pressures and stresses. This makes it ideal for applications where the pipe will be subjected to harsh conditions.

Durability: Schedule 40 pipe is strong and can handle a lot of wear and tear. This makes it perfect for situations where the pipe will see a lot of movement or traffic.

Versatility: Schedule 40 pipe is a versatile pipe that can be used in a variety of applications. This makes it a good choice for applications where the specific requirements are not known in advance.

Disadvantages of using 6 schedule 40 pipe

Weight: Schedule 40 pipe is a very heavy pipe. This can make it difficult to transport and install.

Cost: Schedule 40 pipe is a more expensive pipe than other types of pipe. This is because it uses more material to make the pipe stronger.

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