How to get the Foundation Loads of Piperack

Foundation Loads of piperack should include the loads of Pipes, Cable Trays and Instrumentation duct at that location and also the design load for future tier shall be full load of the most heavily loaded tier in addition to all other wind/seismic/fraction and piping thermal loads for future pipes.

Foundation Loads of Piperack

Load of pipes filled with water (Largest of 1st case – During hydro testing dead weight (wt/m X pipe-rack spacing) of pipes + 2 –3 maximum size pipes filled with water.

2nd case – Actual commissioned condition except the gas lines) + Proportionate wt of extra space required by client (normal 30%) + Load of 1 heavily loaded tier + Electrical cables + Instrument duct + Guide load for 50% of lines

Guide Load = 0.3X(Dead wt of pipes at including water)

The maximum induced thermal loads on the Anchor at the battery limit shall be limited to

F in kg <= 150 X NB of pipe in inches (It should be <2 tonnes)

M in Kgm <=75 X NB of pipe in inches.

Horizontal Load = 0.3 X (Dead wt of pipes including water)

This load is used for designing of foundation bolts.

Foundation loads for any vessel having agitator mounted on top should contain weight of tank at operating or design condition (whichever is more)plus 20% of it for dynamic loading.

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