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A fixed pipe vise is a type of vice that has a fixed jaw that can only be used to hold pipes of a specific diameter. The fixed jaw is typically made of cast iron or steel and is serrated to grip the pipe securely. Designed to securely grip pipes, allowing for precise cutting, threading, and fitting, the pipe vise is a key player in ensuring accurate and efficient work. 

Understanding the Pipe Vise

pipe vise, also referred to as a vice or pipe clamp, is a mechanical device designed to firmly hold pipes in place during various tasks. These tasks can include cutting, threading, bending, or fitting pipes, ensuring that the work is done with precision and stability.

Types of Pipe Vises

Bench-Mounted Vise: This type of vise is designed to be securely mounted on a workbench or sturdy surface. It provides a stable platform for working on pipes and allows for controlled and accurate movements.

what bench pipe vise

Yoke Pipe Vise: Yoke pipe vises are equipped with a yoke-shaped mechanism that grips the pipe from multiple sides, offering a secure hold for a range of pipe sizes.

Chain Pipe Vise: Chain vises use a chain to encircle the pipe, providing a strong grip. These vises are often portable and can be attached to various work surfaces.

Tripod Pipe Vise: Tripod vises offer stability through three legs and a strong clamping mechanism. They are commonly used for larger and heavier pipes.

Rotating Pipe Vise: Some vises come with a rotating feature that allows you to turn the pipe while it’s held in the vise, enabling easier access to different angles.

Rigid Pipe Vises: The rigid pipe vice is well-known for its toughness and capacity to tackle heavy-duty jobs. It provides a secure and rigid grip, ensuring accurate work on larger pipes.

Straight Pipe Crown Vises: A straight pipe crown vise is designed with a straight jaw that offers a strong grip on cylindrical objects like pipes. It is especially beneficial for applications that demand a firm grip.

Why is Pipe Vise Used?

Precision: The vise ensures that pipes are held securely and immovably, allowing for accurate cuts, threads, and fittings without any unwanted wobbling.

Safety: By preventing pipes from slipping or moving unexpectedly, the pipe vise reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to the workpiece.

Efficiency: With the support of a pipe vise, tasks are completed more efficiently, as professionals can work with both hands and achieve accurate results more quickly.

Versatility: vise come in a variety of sizes and materials, making them handy instruments with a wide range of applications.

Why is it Important to Use Vice Clamps?

Stability: Vice clamps provide the stability needed to work on pipes and materials, ensuring that they remain fixed in place during various tasks.

Precision: When precision is required, vice clamps prevent unintended movement, allowing for accurate measurements, cuts, and fittings.

Safety: Using vice clamps reduces the chances of accidents caused by slipping or shifting materials, promoting a safer work environment.

Control: Vice clamps provide you control over your work, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about the materials stability.

Applications of Pipe Vises:

Pipe Cutting: When pipes need to be cut accurately and cleanly, a pipe holds them steady, preventing slips or uneven cuts.

Threading: For threading pipes to connect them securely, a vise ensures that the pipe remains steady during the threading process.

Fitting and Assembly: When joining pipes or attaching fittings, a vise provides the stability needed to achieve precise connections.

Bending: In metalworking or plumbing, bending pipes to specific angles is crucial. A vise ensures controlled bending without causing damage.

Repair and Maintenance: Whether it’s repairing a leak or replacing a damaged section, a pipe vise holds the pipe in position for effective repairs.

Benefits of Using a Pipe Vise

Accuracy: The steady grip of a vise guarantees accurate cuts, threads, and fittings, ensuring proper connections.

Safety: A secure hold reduces the risk of accidents caused by pipes slipping or moving unexpectedly.

Efficiency: With a vise, tasks are completed more efficiently, saving time and reducing errors.

Versatility: Different types of pipe vises cater to various pipe sizes and materials, making them versatile tools.


The pipe vice which comes in different types like the rigid pipe vice and the straight pipe crown vice, is an important tool for pros and amateurs who work with pipes. From plumbing projects to metal fabrication, its ability to securely hold pipes during various tasks ensures precision, safety, and efficiency. The vice is a key tool for getting good results in a wide range of industries and uses because it provides stability and control. Using vice clamps further enhances these benefits, making the pipe vise an invaluable asset in any workshop or workspace.

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