Best 3 Copper Pipe Cutter

A copper pipe cutter is a tool used to cut copper pipe. It is typically made of steel or cast iron and has a cutting wheel that is turned by a handle. The cutting wheel is sharpened to score the copper pipe, and then the pipe is broken by twisting the cutter.

Copper cutter are available in a variety of sizes, and they can be used to cut copper pipe of different diameters. The type of copper pipe cutter that is best for a particular application will depend on the size of the pipe and the amount of cutting that needs to be done.

Types of copper pipe cutters

Hand-operated copper cutter

This type of cutter is the most basic type and is operated by hand. It is typically used for small-diameter copper pipe.

Copper Pipe Cutter

Specification of hand-operated copper cutter

  • 8mm, 10mm and 22mm copper pipe cutter
  • Aluminium construction
  • Lightweight plastic body
  • Automatic tube cutter
  • Complete with replacement blade
  • Self locking
  • Self adjusting
  • Pack size -3 x different individual cutters

Ratcheting copper pipe cutter

This type of cutter is a more advanced type and uses a ratchet mechanism to turn the cutting wheel. It is typically used for larger-diameter copper pipe. Ratchet mechanism in 6-Degree increments while cutting 360-Degree around tube without having to rotate the tool.

Ratcheting copper pipe cutter

Specifications ratcheting copper cutter

  • Cutting Capacity: D28mm – 67mm (1-1/8″ – 2-5/8″)
  • Length: 250mm
  • Weight:1.04 kg
  • Applications:
  • Stainless Steel Tube (Wall Thickness: up to 2mm)
  • Copper, Aluminium & Plastic Tube (Wall Thickness: up to 3mm)

Electric copper pipe cutter

This type of cutter is the most powerful type and is operated by an electric motor. It is typically used for cutting large-diameter copper pipe or for cutting copper pipe in difficult-to-reach places.

Electric copper pipe cutter

Copper cutter should be used with caution. The cutting wheel can be sharp and can cause injury if it is not used properly.

Safety tips for using a copper pipe cutter

  • Always wear safety glasses when using a copper pipe cutter.
  • Do not overtighten the cutter, as this can damage the pipe.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself on the cutting wheel.
  • By following these safety tips, you can help to prevent injuries when
    using a copper pipe cutter.

How to use a copper pipe cutter

  • Mark the location where you want to cut the pipe.
  • Insert the pipe into the cutter so that the mark is aligned with the cutting wheel.
  • Tighten the cutter until the cutting wheel is snug against the pipe.
  • Turn the handle of the cutter to score the pipe.
  • Twist the cutter to break the pipe.
  • Deburr the ends of the pipe with a file or sandpaper.

Common uses of a copper pipe cutter

A copper pipe cutter is a specialized tool designed for cutting copper pipes. It’s an essential tool for plumbers, HVAC technicians, and DIY enthusiasts working on projects involving copper piping.

Plumbing Repairs and Installations

Cutting pipes to length during plumbing installations and repairs. This could be for water supply lines, drain lines, or any other application where copper pipes are used.

HVAC Systems

Copper pipes are commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A cutter is used to trim, customize, and connect the pipes to form the necessary configurations.

Water Heater Installation

When installing or replacing a water heater, copper pipes may need to be cut to fit the new system.

DIY Plumbing Projects

Homeowners or DIY enthusiasts might use a copper pipe cutter for various projects, such as adding or relocating plumbing fixtures.

Irrigation Systems

Copper pipes are used in some irrigation systems, and a cutter helps customize the lengths of these pipes.

Copper Tubing for Gas Lines

In some cases, copper tubing is used for gas lines, and a cutter can be employed for precise cutting.

Crafts and Art Projects

Artists and craftsmen sometimes use copper pipes for various creative projects, and a cutter helps shape the material.

Automotive Applications

Copper pipes are used in some automotive systems, particularly in older vehicles, and a cutter might be needed for repairs or customizations.

Electrical Grounding

In some electrical installations, copper pipes are used for grounding purposes. A cutter can be used to trim them to the required lengths.

Architectural Applications:

In architectural designs, copper pipes may be used decoratively or functionally. A cutter can help in shaping these elements.

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