Certificate Course on Piping Engineering by IIT Bombay

Certificate Course on Piping Engineering by IIT Bombay
Last Date for application :- May 15, 2017

Fresh or working, chemical or mechanical engineering graduates are normally preferred. Few seats are also given to the instrumentation, production and refinery engineering graduates on proven aptitude basis. Diploma holders are normally not admitted. In exceptional cases, diploma holders with considerable relevant experience (at least 7 Years) are admitted.

Rs. 70,000/- (self-financed candidates not working abroad /candidates sponsored by Indian companies)
US $ 3500/- (Foreign Nationals/Non-Resident Indians/Persons working abroad)
Course fees are inclusive of Service Tax.
The course fees are inclusive of one set of course material and working lunch. All other expenses are chargeable extra.
Companies please note that the courses conducted in IIT are exempt from Income Tax and hence no TDS should be deducted.

Subject to availability only bachelor accommodation is offered in the IIT Students Hostels (Rs.300/- per day). IIT Guest House is not available.

The vastness of the subject and limited duration of the course do not allow in-depth coverage of each and every topic. The topics which are covered in adequate details are as follows: 

– Scope of Piping Engineering
– Codes and Standards
– Piping Elements & Specialties
– Mechanical Design Fundamentals
– Pipe Hydraulics & Sizing
– Piping Drawing Basics
– Development of Plot Plan
– Equipment Layout
– Process Piping Layout
– Utility Piping Layout
– Flexibility Analysis
– Selection of Supports & Expansion Joints
Exposure Level Lectures are delivered on some of the following topics.
– Steam Engineering
– Transient Fluid Flow Analysis
– Cryogenic Storage
– Dynamic Analysis
– Process Insulation
– Instrumentation and Control
Practicals are an important part of the course. The participants are encouraged to develop rational thinking skills through a case study approach.
Exposure to important CAD tools available in Piping Engineering arena is offered.

Multimedia teaching aids are incorporated. This allows display of three dimensional plant models, carrying out computer aided design and engineering in the class room itself, showing video clippings to support a point etc. At the same time, all care is taken to emphasize on teaching rather than on presentation.
Course Coordinator:
Prof. A. S. MOHARIR,
Piping Engineering Cell, CAD Centre,
Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay
Powai, MUMBAI – 400076
Phone : 2572 0036, 2572 0035
2572 2545 extn. 4790, 4792, 4793
TeleFax : 2572 6450 Fax: 2572 3480

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