Outlook Shortcut keys

Outlook shortcut keys are keyboard combinations that can be used to perform tasks in Outlook. They can save you time and help you be more productive.

Outlook Shortcut keys

Alt + S Send the email
Ctrl +C Copy selected text
Ctrl +X Cut selected text
Ctrl +P Open print dialog box
Ctrl +K Complete name/email typed in address bar
Ctrl +B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl +I Italicize highlighted selection
Ctrl +U Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl +R Reply to an email
Ctrl +F Forward an email
Ctrl +N Create a new email
Ctrl+ Shift + A Create a new appointment to your calendar
Ctrl+ Shift + O Open the outbox
Ctrl+ Shift + I Open the inbox
Ctrl+ Shift + K Add a new task
Ctrl+ Shift + C Create a new contact
Ctrl+ Shift+ J Create a new journal entry

You can check the ms office shortcut key from this source.

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