What’s are the documents required for equipment layout

Documents required for equipment layout:-The primary consideration in arrangement of equipment’s shall be to provide an economical Facility with good weight distribution, minimum lift weight, safe and easy to operate and maintain.

1. All piping components requiring operation or maintenance where practical, shall be Located where they
can be operated, serviced conveniently. Access shall be provided to such components if they are located out or reach from platform. Use of chain wheels or Extension stems for the operation of inaccessibly located valves shall be avoided.

2. Piping in banks shall be assigned specific elevation for routing in the north-south and East-west directions. These elevations shall be used throughout except where pockets are to be avoided or where space limitations do not permit use of selected elevations.

3. All piping shall be kept inside the deck area. It shall be taken out of the deck area only if it is unavoidable.

Documents required for equipment layout

  • Basic description of work (Project specific)
  • Prevailing wind and current direction
  • Maximum wave crest height
  • Installation and construction requirements- by structural dept.
  • Electrical and instrumentation panel and room dimensions with operational and maintenance clearance.
  • Inline instruments dimensions and clearances for operation and maintenance – preliminary
  • Dimensions of instrumentation skids.
  • Process design basis
  • Piping design specification
  • Mechanical and safety design specification
  • Material handling requirement specification
  • Pipeline riser location data.
  • PFD/P&ID
  • Equipment list with basic dimensions (Including Safety equipment’s)
  • Vendor drawings or data- Equivalent past project data.
  • Hazardous area classification – preliminary input from electrical discipline.
  • ASME B 31.3, API RP 14E, 14J, CAP-437 and Statutory guidelines

Major parameters of an equipment layout.

  • Platform North – decided based on prevailing wind direction
  • Drill rig approach direction – applicable for wellhead platforms, decided based on prevailing wind direction.
  • Boat I Vessel approach – decided based on prevailing wind direction
  • BOS for lower most deck – considering maximum wave crest height plus specified Air gap.
  • Leg to Leg dimensions – In consultation with Structural dept., Base on project specific requirements
  • Locating Heli deck – Refer CAP 437
  • Number of levels – project specific
  • Basic segregation of Equipment’s – Refer API RP 14E and other ASME Code

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