E3D draft commands

These E3D draft commands used widely while working e3d draft connads for generating the piping general arrangement and  pdms draft related drawings. Drawings can be  produced fast while using the these e3d commands and which leads to work less on AutoCAD for fine tuning the  GA drawings. You can also check E3D structural commands from this source

Description           E3D Draft Commands

Copy Box East    New Box Copy  Prev By E 1000 Wrt/* 
Dtangle Horizontal  Dtoffset 0 3 
Delete Gap   Gap Delete @                               
Leader Bent  Lead Bent Atta At@                          
Overshoot     Overshoot@                                  
Del Text     Delete Texp Id@                             
Plcl@        Plcl@                                       
Stra By X  New Stra Copy Prev  By X 6                  
Stra By Y  New Stra Copy Prev By  Y 10                 
Lead Atta  Lead Atta At@                               
Lead Fa   Lleader False                               
Remove the  text cline text Pltxt Unset                                 
Dt Angv     Dtang Ver Dtoffset 0 3                      
Dt Angh     Dtang Hor Dtoffset 0 3                      
Pltx Thor   Ptang Hor                                   
Pltx Tver   Ptang Ver                                   
Q Pltxt     Q Pltxt                                     
Move the Dim At@                                         
Rotation of View Adeg 180                                    
Rotation of View Adeg 270                                    
Rotation of View Adeg  0                                     
Rotation of View Adeg 90                                     
New Symb    New Symb Copy Pre At@                       
Rename the slab Ddnm Id@                                    
Slab copy   New Slab Copy Prev At@                      
Move by horizontal By X 10                                     
Move by horizontal By Y 10                                     
By -X10     By X -10                                    
By -Y10     By Y -10                                    
Change the scale of view Q Xyscale .375 .375                         
New text copy New Texp Copy Pre By Y 10                   
Ptof10      Ptoffset 10                                 
Ptoff5      Ptoffset 5                                  
Elevation dim Pltxt ‘#Pipe(C2:)  ~C El.+#Posu(C2:)’       
Pltxtn      Pltxt ‘#Pipe(C2:)’     


Above mention commands are E3D draft commands, which are helpful for generating the drawings in E3d.

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