What are Pdms drafts commands

PDMS drafts commands are a set of commands that are used to create and modify 2D drawings in PDMS/E3D. These commands can be used to create a variety of drawing objects, including lines, circles, text, and dimensions.

Accuracy: PDMS drafts commands can help to improve the accuracy of drawings by providing a consistent and repeatable way to create drawing objects. This can help to reduce the number of errors in drawings, which can save time and money in the long run.

Consistency: PDMS draft commands can help to improve the consistency of drawings by ensuring that all drawings are created using the same set of standards. This can make it easier to understand and interpret drawings, which can improve communication between engineers and other stakeholders.

Productivity: PDMS draft commands can help to improve productivity by automating many of the tasks involved in creating drawings. This can free up engineers to focus on more complex tasks, which can save time and money.

Readability: PDMS draft commands can help to make drawings more readable by providing a variety of tools for formatting text and dimensions. This can make it easier for engineers and other stakeholders to understand the information in drawings, which can improve safety and efficiency.

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Pdms drafts commands

Q adeg            gives the c/view angle ( ie 90 deg )

Q apof            gives the ce (note) terminator pos’n

Q bsrf            gives the drg. Sht. Ref. (stru lvl)

Q cheight     gives the text character height

Q cpof            gives the ce (note) leader line pos’n

Q dir            gives the c/view direction ( ie n )

Q dpos            gives the ldim position on sheet

Q dtof            gives dimension text x and y value

Q just            gives the c/view justification ( ie left )

Q len            gives the stra length

Q lhei            gives the text letter height

Q lshape           gives the label leader line status

Q lvis            gives the ce visibility

Q mpt            gives the stra midpoint co-ords

Q pkey            gives the dim pline status (ie tctf)

Q plcl            gives the dim projection line clearance

Q pos plrf    gives the current vsec co-ords

Q rrsf            gives the current view rule settings

Q size            gives the view o/all dimensions

Q snap            gives the snap settings (on/off)

Q thpos            gives the c/view matchline co-ords

Q tmrf            gives the ce (symbol) name

Q tpen            gives the texp colour attributes

Q tpt            gives the stra tail point co-ords

Q vlimits           gives the view limits

Q vrat            gives scale ratio (ie 1 to 25)

Q vscale            gives the c/view scale ( ie 0.5 )

Q vtyp            gives the view att(ie.global hidden)

Q xypos            gives the view position on sheet

Adeg 0            modifies text horizontal

Adeg 45            modifies text/primitives at 45 deg.

Adeg 90            modifies text vertical

Apoffset 5-5       re-positions lter end x5 y-5

At @            moves ce to new cursor pos

At idp@            moves ce to selected ppoint

At idpl@     moves ce to selected pline

Btext’a-a’     modifies text to a-a

By @            moves ce by loct. From pos to new pos

By x100            moves ce x (east) 100 mm

By y100            moves ce x (north) 100 mm

Cpoffset 5-5       re-positions leader line start x5 y-5

Dim tex’#100 typ’   dimension text reads 100 typ

Dpos @            places the ldim position by cursor

Dtan def           dimens on text default

Dtan par           dimension text parallel

Dtan hor          dimension text horizontal

Dtan stan           dimension text standard

Dtan vertical      dimension text vertical

Dtof @            dimension text by cursor

Dtof 0 4            dimension text offset x0 y4

Dtan par dtof 8 0  dim text par. & off x-8 y0

Nlpn off             turns line off (ie cloud vertex)

Fpt @            moves stra from point by cursor

Fpt by x2 y-2    moves stra from point by typed input

Frame on        text frame on

Gap @            lets cursor determine dimension gap

Gap delete all    deletes all dimension gaps

Gap delete at    deletes dimension gap by cursor

Gbox 5 modifies    text frame with 5 clearance

High ce                highlights ce

Lead stra        changes leader line to straight

Lead bent @        places another vertex on leader line

Lvis false        turns ce visibility off

Lvis true                turns ce visibility on

Llead false        leader line off

Llead true        leader line on

Lter off              line terminator off

Lter arr             line terminator arrow

Lter dot              line terminator dot

Lter obl              line terminator dash

Nlpn off              turns line off (ie cloud vertex)

Osht 10              dim line overshoot 10mm

Proj clear @      sets projection line position by cursor

Proj clear 5      sets projection line position by 5mm

Proj tex’typ’      projection text reads typ

Ptan par              projection text parallel

Ptan hor              projection text horizontal

Ptan vertical          projection text vertical

Ptof -8 0               projection text offset x-8 y0

Rcod left               rotates view box left

Snap on/off        turns snap on/off

Snap on 10        gives snap grid x10 y10

Tpen 71                gives the texp colour attribute 71

Tpt @                moves stra to point by cursor

Tpt by x2 y-2         moves stra to point by typed input update anno

Update design  updates design

Update picture  updates graphics

Vgrid on/off           turns snap grid visibility on/off

Modify @            enables mods to slab/glab geometry

Osht @                    dim line overshoot by cursor

Plcl@                    position leader line by cursor

New circle diam 100 at@ draws circle and positions by cursor

New circle rad 50 at@        draws circle and positions by cursor

New glab copy $v1                  copies glab as variable $v1

New glab copy prev at @ copies glab to picked location

New rect xlen40 ylen20          draws rect and positions it by cursor

New glab copy prev at@  copies text and positions by cursor

Snap on spacing x10 y20  gives snap grid x10 y20

Repeat 5 by x10                  copies ce 5 times by 10mm spaces

It’s important to note that the specific commands and functionalities may vary depending on the version of AVEVA E3D and any customization applied by the organization. Users should refer to the software’s documentation and consult their organization’s guidelines for detailed information on the available PDMS draft commands and their usage.

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