Pipe stress analysis

Pipe stress analysis is a method to determine the stresses and strain in piping subjected to static and dynamic loads / forces. Stress analysis can be carried out by using manual calculations, stress monograph and by computational simulation.  There are manual methods for pipe stress like check pipe stress as per clause 319.4.1 of the piping code B31.3. and Guided Cantilever Method

Pipe Stress Analysis Software

Pipe Stress Basic Requirements

  • Piping systems shall have sufficient flexibility to prevent thermal expansion or Contraction or movement of piping supports and terminals from causing
  • Failure of piping or supports from overstress or fatigue
  • leakage at joints
  • Detrimental stresses or distortion in piping and valves or in connected equipment (pumps and turbines, for example), resulting from excessive thrusts and moments in the piping.

Specific Requirements

  • The computed stress range at any point due to displacements in the system shall  not exceed the allowable stress range
  • The reaction forces computed shall not be detrimental to supports or connected   equipment
  • Computed movement of the piping shall be within prescribed limits, and properly accounted for in the flexibility calculations

Need of pipe stress analysis in piping system

  • To keep the stresses in the piping system within the allowable limit as described by the applicable code.
  • To keep the nozzle loads on static and rotating equipment within the allowable limit
  • To prevent disengagement of piping from its supports.
  • To check the sagging of piping between the supports.
  • To determine the support type, spring hangers & their optimum location.
  • To check Leakage at flange connections.
  • to check the Clash / Interference of piping with adjacent piping / supports due to displacements.
  • To determine the requirement of expansion bellows / joints.
  • To solve the dynamic problems in piping such as those due to mechanical vibration, acoustic vibration, water hammer, 2 phase / Slug flow,  relief valve discharge etc..
  • To determine the reinforcement of pipe to pipe intersection (branch connection)

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