Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) piping and material standard

Copper-Nickel Material

All copper-nickel piping as a minimum shall be supplied in 16-bar system. Velocity in Cu-Ni piping shall not exceed 1.6 m/sec for 2″ NB and below and 3.3 m/sec. for 3″ NB and above. Fluid velocities in copper piping shall not exceed 1.5 m/sec. Design of Cu-Ni piping system shall be such as to avoid excessive turbulence in the system.

Cupro-Nickel or Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) piping shall be used for firewater deluge systems. All Cu-Ni piping shall be designed such that velocity in piping does not exceed the values given in project specifications. However, in special circumstances such as downstream of control valves, orifice plate, etc, where fluid velocity may exceed those given in the design criteria special material such as DSS/SDSS/Monel subject to company’s approval may be used to withstand higher velocities.

When one side is ASME Class 150 Cu Ni and other side is of higher rating carbon steel, a spool of carbon steel having one end of higher rating CS flange and other of lower rating CS flange shall be inserted which also acts as a sacrificial piece

Cupro-nickel materials are suitable for firewater, seawater & salt-water services. Only following American / British specifications as specified against each product are permitted. Bolting shall be ASTM A193 Grade B7/194 Grade 2H and it shall be Hot dip galvanized as per ASTM 153

Copper-Nickel Standard

PIPES: ASTM B 466 Copper alloy no. C-70600 or BS 2871 CN 102


FITTINGS: 90-10 Cu-Ni

VALVES Body – 5% Ni-AL BRONZE (BS 1400 AB2C), ASTM B 148 C 95800

Trim – MONEL K 500 for sizes up to and including 6” and K400/K500 above 6


90-10 Cu-Ni piping material thickness EEMUA PUB 144 to be decided based on 16-bar system

Blind flanges shall be A 105 with 3 mm 90-10 Cu-Ni overlays.

For composite flanges the outer flange shall be ASTM A105 (galvanized) to #150 of ASME B-16.5 up to 24” and ASME B 16.47 A for 22” and 28” & inner flange shall be 90/10 CU-NI forged for < 2” S.O, 3” to 24” W.N.( For 3” to 24’ S.O. Bossed flanges ( suitable for welding) F F material Cu-Ni forged (When used with flanged valve use full faced gasket and S.O. Bossed flange).

Stud bolts shall be supplied with insulating sleeves and washers.

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